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Llanelli Life

Llanelli is my home town.

I love the colourful characters who live here. I love the landscape and the geography, and I love the generosity and sense of hope that survives in these parts despite our challenges.

A couple of years ago I read an article, posted online by an anonymous Llanelli resident,  describing their shame to be born and raised in this town.

Llanelli Life is, in some way, my response to the bitterness of that article.

It’s clear for all to see that most  of the people of Llanelli do care about other people and their stories, about our town and about the rest of the world, and I want to invite people to connect and share stories more widely in our little corner of the globe.

I wonder if, by taking a moment to appreciate even the ‘strangers’ – the people we pass by on the street – we might glimpse an insight into the lives of the people beyond our family, close friends, neighbours and colleagues, and our communities might be all the better for it.

I wonder if it might do us good to discover what other people carry in their hearts.

The aim of this humble blog is to bring the people of Llanelli together, and to record the stories of today for future generations.

I believe that we need to keep local history alive – our stories are history in the making.

So, after a few false starts and many wrong turns, here we are with the new Llanelli Life blog, re-imagined with an altogether more creative approach.

In time, we will celebrate Llanelli Life with portraits, photographs, videos, audio series, illustrations, animations and maybe a little literary non-fiction thrown in.

So, I am encouraging individuals in Llanelli from all backgrounds and beliefs to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives and to be a part, however small, of history.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be launching a series of projects that capture a brief glimpse into the lives and hearts of our neighbours and of our town. Keep an eye out for these projects as they launch.

Want to be involved? Tell me your story!


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