“What do you love about your work?”


“We are bringing community to an impersonal space.

“We are reaching out to people who come to the van, just being kind to them and showing them love and empathy. We talk about mental health and we open up to people and share experiences. We allow them a space to talk and food is just a platform for this.

“So many people have opened up. There are people who come back regularly and a women’s group has developed – women from a variety of different backgrounds.

“The landlord told us we could use the hut at the end of the car park, and we’ve decided to use it for a sit-down area where people can eat, but also a place where we aim to develop community gatherings covering a number of topics: AA, SMART Recovery, mental health self-help groups, LGBTQ meetings and other things.

“We’ve told our customers about it and they are very excited and have been chipping-in bits and pieces that they think will be of some help. The hut needs a lick of paint now to make it look pretty, so we’ll do this before launching properly.

“What we do is based on very basic principles of community, authenticity, love and kindness.”

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