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To keep local history alive – our stories are history in the making


Introducing Pobol Llanelli

Pobol Llanelli is a bilingual series of photographic portraits and interviews collected on the streets and in the homes of Llanelli. Our bold aim is to photograph 1000 individuals in Llanelli, telling stories from your lives, in your own words. Our stories are history...

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I nearly drowned when I was a child

"I nearly drowned when I was a child. . ." "It was during a family day out at the beach with my parents, my little sister and my friend. "My parents were fishing on the sands and we were jumping off a pipe into the sea. We moved to the other side of the pipe and...

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"Roedd yn teimlo fel colli rhan o fy hunaniaeth"“Y ddau peth mwya rwyf wedi cyflawniadu fel nyrs yw comisiynu Ward 9 yn 2004, a ennill wobr Welsh Adult Nurse of The Year 2017 ( Nyrs Oedilion y Flwyddyn y Gymraeg 2017) . Roedd yn anodd iawn cerdded allan o’r Ward...

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Kay and Sharon

“What do you love about your work?”  “We are bringing community to an impersonal space. “We are reaching out to people who come to the van, just being kind to them and showing them love and empathy. We talk about mental health and we open up to people and share...

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Introducing Meals from the Market

Welcome to Meals from the Market. This is where you will find our recipes for tasty dishes - easy lunches, fancy brunches and family dinners- made with ingredients bought from Llanelli Market. Whether we need something cheap and easy or a more sophisticated and...

French Onion Welsh Rarebit

French Onion Welsh Rarebit  I love this gooey indulgence for a weekend supper, enjoyed along with the rest of the ale. I like to use the ‘slightly salted’ butter from Darkin’s Welsh Produce, and I buy the sourdough from Jenkins. Serves 4 as a light supper or 2 as a...

Seaside Quiche

Seaside Quiche This is a delicious quiche made with bacon, leeks, cockles and laverbread, all bought from Llanelli Indoor Market. The thick, tasty bacon, covered with black pepper, is home-cured by John of Bwyd Blasus, right in the middle of the market. The leek is...